A native of San Diego, California, Melinda Resende grew up with art all around her.  Her imagination was always vivid as she wrote and illustrated all her stories; played characters in the canyon next to her house with the neighborhood kids; and noted details in everyday life.   Resende was an avid student in art history and earned her degree in graphic design/advertising from San Diego State University.  While attending SDSU, she worked in an art gift shop.  Upon graduating, she worked in colorization of black and white films.  Thereafter, she moved into visual display and eventually, she found herself working consecutively as an art consultant in two prestigious art corporations, Circle Fine Art Corporation and Chuck Jones Gallery.  At these galleries, she used her art history background, attention to client requests, and her skills representing artists to achieve success.  At both companies, she converted a record number of non-art collectors into first time collectors of fine art.  

Although Resende has been working in property management and in the semiconductor industry since her time at Chuck Jones Gallery, she has continuously surrounded herself by art and the art community.  In the last few years, she has yearned to fill the void that was previously filled by working with art, artists and art enthusiasts.  Resende Fine Art was created as a result of that yearning.  Resende sees the artist's perspective and the client's perspective and through Resende Fine Art marries the two.